Travel Agencies

Bus Travel offices and agencies – our local distributors

To sign-up as a BUSTIKET Travel Agency, please write us an e-mail at with your contact information. We will send you all details to receive your credentials and start selling our tickets.

Travel offices and agencies – our local distributors

Would you like to collaborate with Indonesia’s leading long distance bus company? Then become a BUSTIKET local distributor. For more information please do not hesitate to contact our agency service.

Distribution cooperation with BUSTIKET – transparent and fair commission

Our collaboration is simple and straightforward: thanks to our separate agency sectors we offer our ticket outlets a direct route to BUSTIKET. The BUSTIKET ticket outlets take the place of the customers who would be using our online shop. They choose the appropriate bus connection and then send the purchased ticket to the customer, either as a print out or electronically via email. The transaction between the customer and the ticket outlet is then complete; the deduction of recorded payments and commissions is then put directly into the integrated backend system.

An attractive commission model is the ideal basis for the cooperation between our ticket outlets and us. BUSTIKET stands for transparency and fairness with its ticket prices and commissions. We also offer our ticket outlets the opportunity to combine our low cost bus journeys as a travel package.

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Distribution cooperation with Bustiket – transparent and fair commission

Behind the long distance bus provider Bustiket, there is a network of the most prestigious companies in the industry. With a total fleet of more than 3,000 buses and decades of operating experience in buses and coaches, our bus partners offer the highest quality and safety standards.