Innovation partners

BUSTIKET – we combine experience with innovation

BUSTIKET is a unique combination of tech start-up, ecommerce platform, and modern transportation company, that combines the core competencies and the know-how of different participants. With years of experience, quality and tradition go hand-in-hand with innovative entrepreneurship. This unique collaboration has made BUSTIKET becomes the leader in the long and short distance bus market in Indonesia, which has resulted in a sustainable competitive empowerment for the company. Within a short amount of time we have been able to establish the brand of “BUSTIKET’ and the long distance bus as a new alternative in Indonesia for long distance travel.

BUSTIKET works in collaboration with Indonesia’s Department of Transportation and has become the official Smart Transportation partner of the largest industrial area in Indonesia.

BUSTIKET – mobile Infrastructure for a performance based bus network

The long distance bus service from BUSTIKET is based on the comprehensible route network, stemming from an innovative and performance based ticketing and booking system. This mobile technology was especially designed for BUSTIKET and is completely unique to the company.