Smart and Green Mobility for Smart Cities in Indonesia

At BUSTIKET, we believe in a vision of offering smart and green mobility for everyone to experience the world.

Since its inception in 2017, BUSTIKET has changed the way millions of people travel. As a unique combination of tech start-up, ecommerce platform, and modern transportation company, BUSTIKET has quickly become Indonesia’s largest intercity bus network. As of 2019, BUSTIKET has helped over a million people reach their destination, and offers an ever-expanding network of more than 15,000 daily connections to 2,000 destinations in more than 250 cities.

Together with our regional bus partners, our fleet of 3,000 buses offer state-of-the-art comfort with free WiFi, innovative ticketing-systems, and flexible online booking. We provide our customers with a green and comfortable means of transport that fits any budget. Thanks to our unique business model and innovative technology, we have quickly established one of the largest long-distance mobility networks in Indonesia – and our journey has only just begun.

The BUSTIKET Travel Experience: Our Road to Success

Our success can be attributed to the digitization of traditional bus travel. With technological advancements like our e-ticketing system, the BUSTIKET-App, free Wi-Fi on board, GPS Live Tracking, BUSTIKET continues to revolutionize the bus travel industry. Through smart network planning and dynamic price management, we are able to provide our customers with the best offers possible. Our BUSTIKET network relies on close partnerships with small and medium-sized enterprises and often family-owned businesses – our regional bus partners.

Through these partnerships, the innovation and start-up spirit of the BUSTIKET brand meets with the long-standing experience of traditional industry.